Vietnam finds unqualified pilot owns 3 countries' licenses

TN News

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A former Vietnam Airlines pilot who is under investigation for using fake license actually has licenses for three countries, Vietnam aviation authorities have found.


The South Korean pilot Kim Tae Hun owns three licenses issued by the United States, South Korea and Indonesia aviation authorities.


In April 2011, Hun was a co-pilot for a Vietnam Airlines flight and he failed to make a smooth landing in Busan. The plane only landed after two efforts, and it did not land on the runway.


Korean media in late October brought up the issue, forcing Vietnam aviation authorities to investigate Hun's qualifications. He had left Vietnam Airlines without notice in August.


With the three licenses, the 36-year-old is entitled to drive four kinds of aircraft, ATR72, Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and A321.


During his time at Vietnam Airlines, Hun had lied about his A320/321 flight records, submitting a Batavia Air certification that he had flown 680 hours when he had flown less than one hour.



Trouble in the sky
Vietnam Airlines issued a VND200 million (US$9,520) fine to partners who had helped to recruit the pilot.


The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam is also inspecting the regulatory compliance of foreign pilots that work for Vietnam Airlines.


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