Vietnam family faces punishment for scattering real money during funeral procession

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Authorities in the southern province of Binh Phuoc said Wednesday a family that scattered real bank notes on the street during a funeral would be punished for causing disorder, online newspaper VnExpress reported.

Two days earlier, Tran Van Hung, a resident of Dong Phu District, organized the funeral for his 29-year-old son Tran Hoai Au.

In the morning, cars carried Hung, his family, relatives and the coffin of the deceased to a cemetery, with the people scattering real bank notes of VND1,000, VND2,000 and VND5,000 denominations along the way.

While scattering money during a funeral procession is a tradition in Vietnam, it is fake money, also used as a votive offering, that is used typically.

Upon seeing real money on the street, a lot of commuters stopped their vehicles and scrambled for the money, causing traffic disorder.

Many people who did not join the scramble said Hung's family was not only squandering money but also creating traffic risks.


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Police in Dong Phu District have been asked to prevent similar acts in the future.

The Provincial People's Committee has asked the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to raise people's awareness in performing traditional rituals in a proper, civilized manner.

The ritual of scattering money in funerals is popular in north and central Vietnam. Usually people use fake bank notes or small change (VND1,000 and below).

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