Vietnam factory guard leads assault squad into workplace

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Police in Binh Duong Province in southern Vietnam on Monday arrested a security guard for leading a posse of strangers into a factory and assaulting six employees.

Police say the assault was inspired by a petty personal dispute between the security guard and one employee.

The guard, Nguyen Duy Thuan, 30, stands accused of leading an assault that left six factory employees from the Linfox company, an Australian joint-venture providing logistics support, bloodied and unconscious.

Thuan, an employee of the Dong A Binh Duong Company private security firm, had been tasked with overseeing security at Linfox.

Thuan allegedly arrived at the factory at around 10 p.m., on Monday, backed by dozens of thugs wielding knives and canes.

Phan Minh Tuan, a 23-year-old factory employee, allegedly attempted to prevent any violence from breaking out. For his efforts, Tuan received the most severe beating.

His 53-year-old father, Phan Minh Hong, said he received a phone call from the company at around midnight saying that Tuan had been attacked.

Hong rushed to the factory and found his son unconscious and soaked in his own blood. The young man was brought to an Ho Chi Minh City hospital suffering severe brain trauma. His location remains unnamed, as his father fears that the perpetrators might strike again.

In early January, a crew of roughly 20 gangsters armed with cubs and long blades attacked the company's guards and employees.

Following the first assault, a Linfox officer charged with managing the company's security told reporters that the firm was in the midst of firing one security company and hiring another. He said the attack might have been caused by the conflict between the two companies.

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