Vietnam expels Chinese man for illegal mass earthworm hunting

By Nguyen Phuc, Thanh Nien News

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Quang Tri border guards have deported a Chinese man who had asked locals to help him hunt earthworms using an illegal chemical and promised to buy the crawl for a high price.
Gan DeQiang, 40, was also fined VND16 million (US$712) for his violations, according to border guards.
DeQiang’s violations include involving in activities outside his tourist visa and using illegal chemicals in Vietnam, they said.
Gan DeQiang (L), 40, and his Vietnamese interpreter Le Van Cuong  stand by a carton box containing many packs of chemical powder the Chinese man asked local residents to use to catch earthworms. Photo: Nguyen Phuc
A 25-year-old Vietnamese interpreter, Le Van Cuong, was fined VND1 million for not guiding DeQiang to register for his temporary residence in Vietnam.
Earlier, DeQiang and Cuong have gathered a group of locals and showed them how to use the white chemical to force earthworms crawling to the surface.
Locals said the men did not tell them why they wanted the crawler. But they reportedly offered to pay 35 US cents for each kilo of the earthworm that plays an important role in fertilizing agro-land.
The men were summoned to a border guard station in the area on September 17 and tried to bribe their way out but failed.
Quang Tri border guards said they have informed all border stations in the region to prevent DeQiang from entering Vietnam again.

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