Vietnam establishes gender equality program

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The government has allocated VND955 billion (US$46.4 million) for a five-year national program to narrow the gender gap and empower women in a number of sectors.

The National Program on Gender Equality 2011-2015 period comprises of five projects to raise public awareness of gender equality issues and heighten women's status in the sectors most prone to gender inequality.

One of the five projects will assist women seeking jobs and starting businesses.

The same project will also build 10 day care centers in state offices, industrial zones and export processing zones. 


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The initiative aims to reduce domestic violence in 63 communes across Vietnam.

The project will  also provide advisory services on gender equality for ethnic minority communities in 30 communes, wards and towns in mountainous areas.

Another project will establish four social support centers on gender equality in four centrally-governed cities and provinces.

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