Vietnam doctor arrested for forging prisoner's HIV test

TN News

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Police in the Mekong Delta province of Long An arrested a doctor last week for allegedly forging medical documents claiming a prisoner was HIV positive to help him get released on bail.


Truong Chi Si, head of Long An General Hospital's Contagious Department, was arrested on November 14, the police announced on Sunday.


Si allegedly forged the documents for an inmate who was serving his term at Thanh Hoa Prison in Ben Luc District. His identity and crime were not released.


The documents said the prisoner had entered the final stage of AIDS and was awaiting death.


Thanks to the documents, the prisoner was released on bail for medical treatment. He then committed the same crime which landed him in jail and was arrested once again.


Another HIV test showed the man does not have HIV.


The police said the crime Si committed was "serious."


Si is the husband of Truong Thi Thu Ha, deputy mayor of Tan An City, the capital city of Long An Province.


Ha told Lao Dong (Labor) newspaper she was "shocked and pained" and declined further comment.


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