Vietnam deports Chinese nationals for brokering marriages

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The Ministry of Public Security has deported five Chinese nationals involved in illegal marriage brokering activities in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho.

Chen Jinrong, 24, Liu Bin, 43, Chen Lianying, 42, Li Dengji, 41 and Shen Yaqi, 28 will be banned from entering Vietnam for three years for engaging in activities contrary to the purpose stated in their visa application.

Jinrong and Lianying were fined VND10 million (US$480) for illegal marriage brokering.

The case was broken on September 2 when some local residents reported to the police on suspicious goings-on at the Tan Phuoc 5 Hotel in Can Tho's Ninh Kieu District. Two women came there to meet some strange Chinese men, they said.

A subsequent raid found Bin brokering marriages for Jinrong, Dengji and Yaqi. Lianying was the translator.

Police said Bin had come to Vietnam earlier in March and found several Vietnamese women for Chinese men to get married to.

In June, Ho Chi Minh City police raided a hotel in Binh Tan District and found three Chinese men choosing Vietnamese women and two Vietnamese persons, To Van Tai and Nguyen Thi Truc, running an illegal marriage brokering service.

Police said Truc, Tai's wife, performed translation services for the business. The three Chinese men were choosing from four Vietnamese women presented to them at the hotel when the police broke in.

Investigators said Tai had been operating the illegal service in HCMC since 2009, charging US$1,800 per marriage that he was able to broker.

Truc confessed she had been translator for 20 Chinese men who got married to local women through the illegal service offered by the couple.

Tai and Truc were arrested for further investigation but the police did not say what measures were taken against the Chinese men.

In another case, the Supreme People's Court on June 26 increased jail terms for two women and a man found guilty of illegally providing marriage brokering services for Chinese men when the case was considered on appeal.

Trinh Thi Thu, 52, got eight years instead of the six years that the first trial had sentenced her to.

Huynh Thi Nhuan, also 52, and Ho Thanh Phong, 25, had their sentences increased to seven and five years from five and four years respectively.

The 10-year jail term for the 49-year-old ringleader, Nguyen Thi Thu Xi, Phong's mother, was retained.

This case was broken when Xi was about to take three girls to China through HCMC's Tan Son Nhat International Airport on May 26, 2010.

Many Vietnamese women, especially those in poor rural areas, chose to get married to foreign men in the hope for a better life abroad.

Due to a lack of knowledge of foreign culture and language, many have their dreams broken abroad while some of them have become victims of human trafficking rings.

Last year, the Ministry of Public Security established a human trafficking hotline to staunch the flow of women across national borders.

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