Vietnam couple arrested in lottery scam

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Vietnamese police on Saturday arrested a couple who had cheated many people through a lottery scam.

Nguyen Van Thuan Em and his wife Do Thi Hue from the Mekong Delta Province of Dong Thap Province called many home phones in the southern region and told people they had won money in a lots drawing program held by the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group and the State Treasury.

The winnings were usually in the VND135-VND235 million range(US$11,800) and people had to deposit 10 percent of the money into certain bank accounts to receive the reward from the treasury.

Police found that Thuan had opened fake bank accounts by sticking his photos on ID cards he claimed to have picked up from the streets.

Many victims only found out they were cheated when they came to the office of the treasury and were told there were no lot drawing programs.

At least two people in Dong Nai Province were cheated of VND47 million (nearly US$25,000).

Police are trying to calculate the total amount of money that the couple succeeded in getting from their victims.

A police source said that the scam might be much bigger than Thuan and his wife as the police have received victims' report from several provinces in the central region as well.

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