Vietnam cops fine drug addict for driving with feet

Thanh Nien News

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Police in the central province of Quang Nam have fined a drug addict VND6.3 million (nearly US$295) for driving a motorbike with no hands or crash helmet after his friend posted the video on the Internet.

Nguyen Thanh Vien, 21, was fined VND6 million for piloting the motorbike’s handlebar with his feet, VND150,000 for not wearing a crash helmet and another VND150,000 for carrying Le Van Hung, who wasn't wearing a helmet either, news website Dan Tri reported.

The paper cited local police as saying they learned about Vien's dare-deviling after his friend Le Trinh Thanh Dung posted a video of their ride online on November 21.
Police say Vien, Hung and Dung got high before driving motorbikes on National Highway 1A on May 23 of this year.
Vien sped up before leaning back onto Hung, putting his legs on the handlebar.
He took out his cell phone to record Dung. Dung did the same back.
The police arrested Vien last July for a drug sale and Hung, in September, for assault.
Both are being detained in Dien Ban District.

 Nguyen Thanh Vien uses his feet to drive a motorbike carrying a friend in Quang Nam Province on May 23, 2014. Police say both men were high at the time. Photo credit: Dan Tri

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