Vietnam cops arrested for fatal assault

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Hanoi police said Wednesday they had arrested two police officers for allegedly beating a man to death during a brawl in a restaurant.

Nguyen Quoc Viet and Nguyen Hoang Vu, both sergeant majors with Tu Liem District's police division, were removed from their post one day earlier.

Viet and Vu, both 21, will be investigated on charges of "intentionally causing injuries."

On the evening of October 26, Tran Manh Vien, 26, and his friends celebrated his birthday party at Quynh Beo Restaurant on Le Duc Tho Street.

Viet, Vu and their friends were also drinking at the restaurant.

Vien met Viet in the restroom and made friends. Viet invited Vien to his table for a drink.

When Vien returned, he and his his friends came to Viet's table.

The two groups drank and picked up an argument, but there has been no information on what sparked it.

When the argument became heated, Viet stood up to leave the table. Vien slapped Viet on the face but Viet evaded it and slapped him back, local reports said.

Vu kicked Vien and knocked him down. Vien fell backwards and his head hit the floor. Viet, Vu and another man identified as Do Duy Cuong, 21, started to kick Vien. Vien's friends intervened and a violent brawl ensued. 

After restaurant employees managed to separate the two groups, Vien was rushed to the hospital.

He was discharged from hospital the following morning after treatment.

But in the afternoon, he developed a headache and began vomiting. He was rushed to another hospital where doctors said he had suffered a brain injury. They planned to operate on him, but he died at 7:45 a.m. on Monday.

An autopsy showed a 6cm crack in his skull and some blood clots.

Cuong was also arrested Tuesday.

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