Vietnam cop put on desk duty pending beating investigation

Thanh Nien News

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A scene from a YouTube video of a fight between police and two men in Soc Trang Province. A scene from a YouTube video of a fight between police and two men in Soc Trang Province.


Police in Soc Trang Province took a traffic cop off his patrol route after they began investigating allegations that he assaulted two civilians on the street.
A source from Thanh Tri District Police told a Tuoi Tre reporter on Monday that Sub-Lieutenant Nguyen Chi Nguyen was put on desk duty pending the results of that investigation.
The source claim Nguyen was assigned to desk duty while investigators look in to a street row that was allegedly recorded on the night of December 23, the official said.
One of the men injured in the scuffle, Thai Nhat Truong, filed a complaint alleging that a group of officers beat him and his friend Ngo Nhat Truyen.
Truong said he and Truyen were drinking at a restaurant when several traffic cops arrived and demanded their vehicle registrations and drivers’ licenses.
He alleged that, after examining their documents, the police asked to test their blood alcohol content. Truong and Truyen questioned the rationale for doing so and a loud argument ensued.
Truong said the handful of traffic cops and a mobile security officer began thrashing them and ordering them to kneel on the ground.
He said they were then taken to a police station and beaten further, including being kicked in the face.
Truyen sought treatment at a hospital.
His medical records show that he sustained a one-centimeter laceration to his mouth that was bleeding profusely.
The officers claim they began following the men after seeing them speeding erratically. They further claim that they had attempted to measure their blood alcohol content and the men refused to comply.
Bystanders recorded the ensuing brawl and posted it on the Internet.

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