Vietnam cop jailed for accidentally killing gambler during raid

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A court in the northern province of Bac Giang Monday sentenced a sacked police officer to two years in jail for accidentally killing a man during a raid on a gambling den last year, Lao Dong (Labor) newspaper reported.

Sergeant Major Nguyen Duy Tung, who was on a team tasked with combating social-order crime in Yen The District, was convicted of "manslaughter while on duty."

He will also have to pay VND300 million (US$14,300) to the family of the deceased.

On December 10, 2012, Tung, 24, and other officers stormed into a house belonging to Nguyen Tien Duong, 52, in Bo Ha town.

They had been investigating Duong's activities and concluded that he regularly organized cockfighting for gambling in his house. 

Tung raided the house with his bosses' permission, and found cockfights in progress.

On seeing the police, some of the gamblers there tried to flee.

Tung chased after Bui Van Loi, 46, and ordered him to stop. When the man continued to run, Tung fired in the air to warn him.

According to investigators, Tung then grabbed Loi collar with one hand and pressed his gun into his shoulder with the other.


Cop arrested for man's killing in gambling-den raid

Tung was startled when Loi grabbed his hand to shake him off, and the gun went off by accident, they concluded.

A bullet went through Loi's shoulder. He was rushed to hospital but succumbed to the injury soon afterwards.

Three days after the incident Tung was sacked.

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