Vietnam cop gets 2 years for raping woman in her car

TN News

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A court in the northern province of Quang Ninh on Wednesday sentenced a former traffic cop in Hai Duong Province to two years in jail for raping a businesswoman in her car last August.


Major Ngo Tuan Dung, 39, of Hai Duong Police Department was found guilty of raping 33-year-old Vu Thi Kim Luyen, director of a private company in Hai Duong.


The incident happened in the courtyard of a motel in Quang Ninh's Dong Trieu District on August 29, 2012, after Luyen agreed to give Dung a ride from a karaoke parlor in the province to his office in Hai Duong.


Luyen, who said she met Dung after he caught her committing a minor traffic violation and spoke with him on the phone a few times afterward, wrote in her complaint filed on October 13 that Dung repeatedly asked her to go to a hotel with him on the way to Hai Duong, but she refused.


Dung, who was driving the car after Luyen had acceded to this demand, suddenly turned off the national highway, stopped in front of a motel and asked her to join him in a room there.


When she refused, he locked the car's doors, tore off her clothing and raped her, Luyen said.


She managed to get out of the car, run and scream for help. Nguyen Thi Ngoc, an employee of the motel, gave her some clothes while the motel's owner called the local police, she said.


Local officers said Dung reeked of alcohol, yelled at them and refused to cooperate when questioned.  


Following Luyen's complaint, the Hai Duong Police Department in mid-October demoted Dung from Major to Captain, reduced his salary and transferred him to a district police station. On October 24, Quang Ninh police launched a criminal investigation into the case.


Hai Duong police also removed Dung from the police register, a move that clears the way for a police officer to be arrested and face possible charges.


Dung maintained his innocence, saying he did not rape Luyen, throughout the investigation process and his trial.


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