Vietnam cop fires warning shots after car chase

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Police in Hanoi are investigating a man for trying to flee the scene of an accident he caused on Friday in an incident that prompted one officer to fire warning shots at the runaway motorist.

Lieutenant colonel Vu Van Ngoai, deputy chief of the Traffic Police Division at the Hanoi Police Department, told the media that around noon that day, Nguyen Duc Trong, 38, drove a Daewoo vehicle into a motorbike, causing the woman who was riding on it to fall to the street.

Nguyen Thanh Tung, a traffic police officer on duty nearby, asked Trong to pull over. But, the man refused the order and kept driving, prompting Tung to give chase.

After about three kilometers, the officer caught up with Trong and tried to stop him by standing in front of the car, reports quoted Ngoai as saying.

But Trong continued driving and tried to push the officer away with his car, so the cop fired a few watning shots in the air.

The driver did not stop until bystanders and police officers surrounded his car and blocked its way.

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