Vietnam cop faces charges for ordering fatal attack on traffic violator

Thanh Nien News

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City are seeking charges against an officer for allegedly ordering a brutal beating that left a man dead last year.
Pham Sy Hoai Nhu was accused of asking a group of men to attack Nguyen Van Chin, 44, after the latter argued with him over a traffic violation. He could be charged with “deliberately injuring others,” Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reported on Thursday. 
Police said in the late night of June 25, 2014, Nhu and some other officers pulled Chin over suspicion that he was driving under influence. They impounded his motorbike as he failed an alcohol test.
But Chin refused to sign the official record of his violation and verbally abused the officers, even after Nhu attempted to explain to him the violation.
Nhu then called Nguyen Minh Chung, who has a criminal record, asking him for “help”.
When Chung arrived with three other men, Nhu allegedly asked them to beat Chin in order to warn the man. 
Chung then lured Chin to another place, promising to help him get the bike back. 
The man was beaten until some locals intervened. 
He was left sitting on the street. A traffic officer saw him and asked a taxi to take the man home.
On his way, Chin complained of pains and told the taxi driver to drive him to a hospital, where he died one day later
According to an autopsy report, the victim died from small intestine’s rupture and a respiratory failure that were caused by severe abdomen injuries. 
Soon after local media exposed the case, the four men involved in the attack either gave themselves up or were arrested.
Nhu was dismissed about three months later, and taken into custody in November.
If found guilty, he could face a jail term of between five and 15 years. 

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