Vietnam cop among those arrested for robbing gambling dens

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City are investigating a local cop and eight others who allegedly impersonated officers to rob gambling dens.

Ngo Thanh Tuan, a second lieutenant with District 6's police division, was arrested on February 13.

That day he and his accomplices broke into a casino in District 5.

Armed with handcuffs and batons and claiming to be police, they overpowered eight gamblers and robbed the latter of VND10 million (US$476.28) and a golden necklace.

However, the gamblers and locals who were living nearby resisted them on suspicion that they were not really cops.

Tuan and his accomplices then attacked the gamblers and locals with batons and guns which shot rubber bullets, leaving several people with minor injuries.

Upon being informed, District 5's police rushed to the site and arrested Tuan, who was dismissed from his job following the next day.

Others managed to flee the site during the real police raid, but were apprehended soon afterwards.

They told police that they had robbed three casinos previously.

Police are investigating.

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