Vietnam city suspends Chinese clinic license for malpractice

TN News

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Ho Chi Minh City health authorities Wednesday suspended the license of a Chinese-medicine clinic for a year pending investigation into its alleged malpractice.

The Department of Health said some Vietnamese doctors at Apollo clinic provided treatment for ailments it was not licensed to treat and gave patients dubious drugs.

The clinic, which has also been fined VND65 million (US$3,074) and had its pharmacy license suspended for nine months, also allegedly hired unqualified staff.

Its wrongdoing was exposed following an inspection by health inspectors and immigration officials of its premises on Tran Hung Dao Street, District 1, on August 29.

Its staff got into a panic after seeing the inspectors, with some Chinese employees hiding in toilets, in the balcony, and on the roof.

Inspectors found a number of medicines with labels written in Chinese, but the clinic failed to produce papers to prove their origin.

The health department said it would continue to inspect other Chinese clinics in the city.

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