Vietnam city cracks down on aggressive beggars, street vendors

TN News

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Authorities in the central city of Da Nang launched a campaign Monday aimed at cracking down on street vendors and professional begging operations, news website Dan Tri reported.


Taskforces were sent to tourist sites across the city to detect professional beggars and street vendors known to enter areas where they are prohibited, making a nuisance of themselves to tourists.


The vendors and beggars will be given a warning and sent to their homes the first time they are caught.


If they are caught the second time, their belongings and goods will be confiscated.


Those believed to be actually impoverished who beg will be sent to social welfare centers.


Those who use children or disabled people to organize begging may face criminal charges.


The local government has issued two hotline numbers for city dwellers to call to report professional beggars and troublesome vendors.


Da Nang has been praised for its efforts to tackle the problem of aggressive street vendors and beggars to protect the city's image in the eyes of tourists.


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