Vietnam central town locals complain about expats' rampages

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The Nha Trang police say complaints are mounting about foreigners indulging in violent and other criminal behavior, but are hesitant to take firm action fearing it could besmirch the resort city's reputation.

Phap Luat Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh (HCMC Law) newspaper Monday quoted the police as saying that Varekhina Victoria, 29, and two other Russians went to a shop on Nguyen Thien Thuat Street on January 29 to buy some clothes, and picked up a quarrel with the owner.

Half an hour later she returned with some gasoline which she poured on clothes in the shop and set them on fire. The fire was put out quickly with the help of police officers and locals.

Belgian David Vani Stendal, 38, attacked two security guards in his apartment block while in a drunken state early on January 12 morning.

Nguyen Van Binh, 59, and Nguyen Van Tam, 57, opened the building gate for him when he suddenly hit Tam on his head and knocked him unconscious. He then punched Binh in the eye when he tried to diffuse the situation.

The two had to have many stitches on their heads and faces.

Stendal's family said he had been provoked by Tam's offensive language, but the guards denied having any conflict with the man.

On November 14 Uwe Wohel Wender, a German, trashed a hotel room on Hung Vuong Street and later told the police he had been on drugs.

But five days later he flung eggs at a glass window in a restaurant on the same street, and was taken to the police headquarters. His rampage continued there as he overturned tables and chairs and kicked an officer.

He claimed to be depressed, Giao Duc Viet Nam (Vietnamese Education) newspaper said.

A Nha Trang police official, whom HCMC Law did not name, said it is "very difficult" to punish expats causing trouble due to the language barrier, their non-cooperation, and the fear that if severe punishment is meted out the foreigners could spread the news on social media, which could impact tourism.       

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