Vietnam central bank shows how to identify fake currency

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A real polymer note of VND200,000 (above) has the blur strip and the fake one (below) does not.

The State Bank of Vietnam has issued guidelines to help people distinguish between real and fake VND200,000 (US$9.58) polymer notes.

The central bank said fake notes are generally not as sophisticated as the real ones.

Real notes have a vertical strip across its width stating the denomination, and the fake one does not.

The real note has parts printed by optically variable ink, which causes color to switch between gold and green when it is turned a bit.

On the real note, the smaller window - one of two transparent windows at the note's opposite corners, would show some image when put in front of infrared red light, but the one at the fake note would show nothing.

When placed under UV light, the series numbers on the real note light up while those on the fake one fail to, or do so weakly.

The central bank also said most fake polymer notes have been made from normal plastic and thus are easily torn, stretched and scratched. 

It said people can try holding the note in their fist and release it. A fake note will not return to its original status.

Bills of VND10,000, VND20,000, VND50,000, VND100,000, VND200,000 and VND500,000 are printed on polymer. Counterfeit bills of the three latter have been caught with many gangs this year, with most supplies coming from China.

The central's bank statement said counterfeit VND200,000 bills have been popular, and did not mention cases with VND100,000 and VND500,000 bills.

A report by the central bank in late August said the circulation of counterfeit money has declined in recent years after Vietnam switched to polymer notes in 2002, gradually replacing paper bills.


Counterfeit bills down 13 pct in Vietnam

It said the amount of fake money collected in Vietnam's banking system fell 13.41 percent in the first half of this year from a year ago, noting that most of the fake polymer banknotes could be identified easily by checking security features.

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