Vietnam centenarian fights off robber

By Hoang Tuan, Thanh Nien News

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Robbing a great-great grandma - what can be easier? Vu Van Cam Tu might possibly have just that in mind when he saw 104-year-old Vo Thi Bai sleeping with a pocket of money.
But his attempt, instead, was fought off by the lady, who was helped by relatives and neighbors to arrest him. Tu was booked into jailed in Dong Nai Province for pending charge of robbery, police said Thursday.

Vo Thi Bai, 104, poses with her daughter Do Thi Ly. Photo credit:
The 22-year old man, who was hired to do farming works by Bai's family, allegedly sneaked into her house while she was having a siesta on June 29.

Tu covered Bai's face with a blanket and snatched a money pocket which was tied around her waist.

However, Bai managed to get out of the blanket and grabbed Tu by his collar and yelled out for help.

The struggle lasted a few minutes during which Tu tried to flee through the front gate, while Bai hang on to his shirt. 
He even punched the lady in the face but failed to shake her off.

Hearing the yelling, her 66-year old daughter Do Thi Ly and some neighbors working in the field nearby ran to the house and seized the Tu.

Bai later told Dong Nai newspaper that there was VND900,000 (around US$42) in her pocket. She could even remember what type of bills there were in the pocket.

“It was the money my children give me for shopping and [payments for] electricity and water. If he took it all, how could I pay for those things? That’s why I clung to him however hard he hit me,” said Bai, pointing to her swollen black right eye.

“A farming life has made me healthy. And at this age, death is no longer a big deal. Therefore those robbers are nothing to me,” concluded the old lady, chewing a betel quid leisurely.


According to her daughter Ly, her mother had undergone treatment for her spinal disc herniation 10 days before the robbery, and the whole family has no idea how she she could fought the robber so effectively.

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