Vietnam beauty clinic owner arrested for allegedly killing customer

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Two plainclothes police officers escorting Dr. Nguyen Manh Tuong (C), who works for the state-owned Bach Mai Hospital, out of his Cat Tuong beauty salon on Hanoi's Giai Phong Street. Photo by Dan Ha

Hanoi police arrested a doctor who runs a private beauty clinic Tuesday for allegedly throwing the body of a woman who died at his facility into a local river. 

Colonel Duong Van Giap of the Hanoi Police Department told the press that Dr. Nguyen Manh Tuong, who works for the state-owned Bach Mai Hospital, was arrested on murder charges.

According to Giap, Tuong performed an breast enlargement surgery last Saturday morning at his clinic, Cat Tuong on Giai Phong Street, on Le Thi Thanh Huyen, 39.

Huyen allegedly died while she was anesthetized before the surgery, but instead of informing her family of her death, Tuong and his employees transported her body in a car to Vinh Tuy Bridge where the body was thrown into the Hong (Red) River.

Huy, Huyen's husband, could not reach her via mobile phone since 11 a.m. Saturday. He waited until midnight when he received a phone call from a stranger saying Huyen's motorbike as well as her papers and personal belongings were found at Sai Dong Ward, Long Bien District.

Huy then reported to local police that Huyen was missing.

On Sunday morning, he found a receipt from the Cat Tuong beauty clinic in Huyen's clothes.

Based on the tip, police summoned doctors and employees from the clinic for questioning.

The employees confessed to police that they left Huyen's bike at a spot and threw her body into the river to cover up the crime.

Details of their testimony have not been released.

The search for Huyen's body is ongoing.

The Cat Tuong beauty clinic is run by Tuong, its founder, and his wife, who is also a doctor at the state-owned E Hospital.

According to the clinic's website, Tuong is in charge of providing advice and performing plastic surgeries.

It boasts that the clinic has many excellent plastic surgery doctors.

Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper quoted Nguyen Viet Cuong, chief inspector of the Hanoi Health Department, as saying Tuesday morning that Cat Tuong provided many services which were not licensed by the department.

Further investigations would be underway, police said.

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