Vietnam aviation body fines taekwondo coach with $96

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The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) on Monday imposed the fine of VND2 million (US$96) on a Vietnamese passenger for disrupting a Vietnam Airlines flight last month.

The CAAV decision says Le Minh Khuong, a coach of the national taekwondo team, did not comply with the crew's instructions and created a disturbance on the plane.

The CAAV said the fine was based on Vietnamese aviation laws, and Khuong is allowed to petition against the punishment or file a lawsuit if he does not agree with it.

Previously, Khuong said he will protest the CAAV decision to fine him, maintaining that the carrier's staff used undue violence against him.

According to the CAAV inspectors, Khuong was ejected from a Vietnam Airlines  flight on April 18 after a fight with the chief flight attendant.


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Khuong had previously moved from his economy-class seat to the business-class cabin, yelled at a flight attendant, and refused to get back to his seat after the plane diverted to Da Nang because of heavy rains, the inspectors claimed.

Khuong has maintained that he did not yell at the attendant but he was mistreated by airport security officers who tasered him, twisted his arms behind his back and pulled his hair. He hired a lawyer to prepare for a lawsuit but has yet to file the suit against Vietnam Airlines.

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