Vietnam arrests 24 Chinese, Taiwanese nationals in voice phishing scam

By Dam Huy, TN News

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 A file photo shows a suspect in a phone scam busted in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Nguyen Bao

Vietnamese police have busted yet another phone scam allegedly led by Chinese and Taiwanese nationals that targeted people in their home country, arresting 24 suspects.
The ring, which was based in Ho Chi Minh City's Chinatown, better known as Cho Lon, was accused of having extorted more than VND80 billion (US$3.66 million) from their victims since they started operating one year ago.
The police said they will hand over the suspects to Chinese authorities, who had sought assistance from their Vietnamese counterpart in busting the case.
According to the police, the suspects, including three women, were members of a criminal organization in China. They rented apartments in District 11 and 5 to carry out a voice phishing - also known as "vishing" - cam.
They called the victims, masquerading as police officers, and told the victims that their bank account had unusual activity, then accused them of being members of a money laundering gang.
They asked victims to provide their personal confidential information such as bank account to prove their innocence. They used this information to withdraw cash or credit cash advances from ATM machines.
Sometimes the victims were persuaded to transfer their money to another bank account - accessible to the scammers - so that "the police" can investigate the "evidence."
Similar scams involving Chinese and Taiwanese have been busted across Vietnam in recent years with hundreds of suspects arrested.

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