Vietnam arrests 2 construction execs after numerous water pipe breaks

By Thai Son – Le Quan, Thanh Nien News

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Workers check part of the broken Song Da water pipe in Hanoi. Photo: Le Quan Workers check part of the broken Song Da water pipe in Hanoi. Photo: Le Quan


Investigators from the Ministry of Public Security on Friday arrested two directors of a state-owned construction firm in Hanoi for building a $70-million water pipeline that has seen 10 ruptures since 2012.
Police arrested Tran Cao Bang, director of the Fiberglass Pipeline Company at Vinaconex and Hoang The Trung, director of Song Da Water Pipeline Project Management under charges of violating construction regulations.
They opened a criminal case into Song Da late last year following the ninth pipeline break since 2012. The Construction Ministry had earlier given it an award for high quality services.
The pipe system, which runs 45.8 kilometers and started serving Hanoi households in 2009, broke again in January.
Around 70,000 families in the capital city suffered water service disruptions for hours each time, and in a few cases for as long as three days.
Vinaconex invested around VND1.5 trillion of state budget into the pipeline, which was designed to supply 300,000 cubic meters of water a day.
The company first blamed the ruptures on "the weak ground" that led to the collapses. 
But investigation suggested that the pipes are of poor quality and not able to sustain the water flow pressure. 

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