Vietnam Airlines plane almost collides with another aircraft at China airport: report

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 Photo: Mai Vong

A taxying Vietnam Airlines plane almost hit a Chinese aircraft that was about to take off at China’s Guangzhou airport early this week, news website VnExpress reported. 
A representative of the Vietnamese carrier was quoted as saying that air controllers at Baiyun Airport on Monday told the plane, piloted by a Kenyan captain, to cut through a runway to enter its parking place.
However, the captain found that the other aircraft was about to depart from the same runway, so he veered the Vietnamese plane off, waiting for the take-off to be completed before resuming the taxying, the representative said.
The Vietnamese aircraft, which flies between Guangzhou and Ho Chi Minh City, returned to Vietnam without any delay, according to the report.
Lai Xuan Thanh, chief of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, was quoted as saying that the situation was handled timely before it threatened flight safety.
Initial findings from Vietnam Airlines and Chinese aviation authority showed that the near hit was probably caused by some miscommunication between the Vietnamese crew and Chinese air controllers.
The case is now being investigated, VnExpress reported.

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