Vietnam Airlines pilot suspected of using fake license

TN News

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South Korean aviation authorities have asked Vietnam national carrier Vietnam Airlines to review its training process after a pilot failed to make a smooth landing in Korea and was suspected of be unqualified.


The request was made after many Korean headlines in October reported a Vietnam Airlines flight from Ho Chi Minh City in April failed to make a smooth landing on a Busan runway.


Kim Tae Hun, a South Korean co-pilot of the 160-passenger flight, is suspected of using an unqualified license and of having lied about his flying hours from one to 680, news web site VnExpress reported on November 3.


Vietnam Airlines sent a statement to the Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority and the South Korean counterpart saying that it ended the contract with the pilot in August.


A source from a Vietnam aviation authority told VnEpxress the unit is receiving more reports from Vietnam Airlines, who is contacting the pilot license provider, Indonesian aviavtion authorities.


He said further investigation into the training process at the airline is necessary to determine whether the pilot had used a fake license or not.


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