Vietnam Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Da Nang

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A Vietnam Airlines airplane was forced to make an emergency landing in the central city of Da Nang due to low pressure in the passenger cabin.
The incident happened at around 7:30 on May 24 when flight VND1559 was en route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.
An airline representative confirmed with Thanh Nien that the aircraft was midair when there were signals of low pressure and oxygen masks automatically descended.
The flight attendants instructed passengers to wear the masks and the plane landed safely at the Da Nang Airport, he said.
A passenger told Thanh Nien that there was the odor of something burning but the airline representative rejected that information as inaccurate, saying they were investigating the actual reason for the drop in cabin pressure.
Nguyen Hung, a passenger on the flight, told Lao Dong (Labor) newspaper on May 28 that there was air in the passenger cabin forcing the oxygen masks to open about one hour after taking off.
The flight attendant informed the passengers that they would be making an emergency landing at Da Nang Airport to examine a technical problem.
Around midnight, all passengers were transmitted to another aircraft to resume their journey to HCMC.

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