Vietnam Airlines captain dies in Singapore

TN News

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An American captain of national carrier Vietnam Airlines has died in Singapore during his leave, the Nguoi Lao Dong (Laborer) newspaper reported.

Randal Kufl, 55, died on Wednesday (December 28), the carrier said without elaborating.

The man was hired by Vietnam Airlines to pilot the Airbus A320 two months earlier. On December 14, he took leave in Singapore to treat a disease.

He died after two weeks of treatment.

Earlier on December 5, a Vietnam Airlines co-pilot was found dead in his hotel room in the French capital of Paris. Investigations found he died after a heart attack.

Nghiem Dinh Tuan, 52, was staying in Paris with other crew members of his Boeing 777 aircraft, and was supposed to have flown back to Vietnam the next day.


In Vietnam, pilots are required to undergo periodic health checkups at medical clinics appointed by the air carriers.

Those above age 40 must have health checkup twice a year. Pilots under 40 require one annual checkup.

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