Victim says police lie in report of her attack at traffic checkpoint

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 A still photo taken from a video which shows police officer Vo Chi Cong and his "assistant" Pham Minh Tri during a quarrel between them and a woman on September 4, 2015.
A woman who was attacked by a civilian in front of traffic police officers in southern Vietnam last month has said that a new police report of the incident fabricated some key details, including false claims that she tried to bribe them. 
Police in Dong Nai Province on Sunday said in their report that Pham Minh Tri, a local milk salesman, was brought in to help them carry out some tasks at a checkpoint, including writing down plate numbers of speeding vehicles. 
They admitted that Tri attacked Do Vu Hoang Anh and hit her face while she was arguing with a police officer. 
While no officer was held directly responsible for the attack, officer Vo Chi Cong was rebuked for asking a civilian to conduct official tasks, the report said. 
Anh, the victim, told Thanh Nien the police report made up key details about what had actually happened before the attack. 
She said the report tried to implicate her in a bribery allegation. 
“I have told the investigators that Cong asked me ‘Do you have money?’, and I said that I only got VND200,000,” Anh said.
“Then I showed him the VND200,000 note to prove that it was all I had.”
“In a report they sent to me on Sunday, they didn't mention this. But in the official report sent out to local media, they lied and said I offered Cong a bribe of VND200,000, and that I left the note on my bike."
She showed Thanh Nien the difference in the reports.
“They distorted facts. I know that I'm just a normal citizen, and I can't do anything but I will speak out loudly.
“I feel so angry.”
Video evidence
Anh, 22, on September 5 posted on her Facebook page a short video that showed the quarrel between her and an officer at the Nga Ba Thai Lan checkpoint.
Anh said she and her boyfriend were driving a motorbike on Highway 51 towards Ho Chi Minh City when three officers at the checkpoint stopped them at around 3 p.m. on September 4.
 I know that I'm just a normal citizen, and I can't do anything but I will speak out loudly" -- Do Vu Hoang Anh
The officers told the couple they would be fined for speeding.
Anh said the officers told them to pay VND500,000 (US$22) to avoid a VND750,000 fine.
Her boyfriend agreed to pay, but she did not and started arguing.
A man in plain clothes, standing near the officers, suddenly pushed her and hit her face.
The man was later identified as Pham Minh Tri, who had to pay a fine of VND2.5 million for the attack and compensate the victim VND2 million.
In the latest report, Dong Nai police rejected the bribe solicitation accusation. 
The viral video is short and cannot support either of the allegations from the two sides. 
But a witness, who was at the checkpoint at the time, told Thanh Nien that the officers demanded VND500,000 from Anh and her boyfriend.
The witness asked to remain anonymous.

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