Venomous snakes found on Vietnam train

TN News

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Hundreds of passengers on a Ho Chi Minh City to H anoi train on Thursday were terrified to see four bags of snakes under the seats.

Security officers of Quang Ngai Railway Station found bags containing cobras and king cobras after the train stopped at the station in the central province of Quang Ngai in the evening.

The cobras were located inside green, half-transparent bags and the snakes lifted their heads up after people rushed to watch them.

The owners of the snakes took advantage of the chaos to sneak out of the train.

The snakes, weighing a total of 45 kilograms, were later handed over to the provincial forest protection authorities for release into the wild.

It was not revealed how many snakes were hidden in the bags.  

Some of the snakes weighed more than 1 kilogram each, said Nguyen Van Han, chief of the Quang Ngai Forest Protection Department.

Wildlife smugglers may have transported the snakes before selling them to restaurants, according to Quang Ngai authorities.

The venomous snakes are protected species under Vietnamese laws.

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