US waste treatment firm fined for environmental violation

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Vietnam's environmental police has fined a US-owned company in Ho Chi Minh City VND230 million (US$11,806) for violating regulations on wastes treatment.


According to the police, Vietstar Domestic Waste Treatment Company, member of the US-based Lemna Corporation, was found burying thousands of tons of wastes on August 20, without categorizing and treating them as regulated.


The company, which runs a dumping site in Cu Chi District, was also ordered to remove and treat the waste in accordance with regulations, Phan Huu Vinh, deputy chief of C49B, said.


In unrelated news, Vietnam's leading fruit chips maker Vinamit Tuesday resumed its factory in the southern province of Binh Duong, twenty days after it closed the factory following an environmental violation exposure.


On August 20, a pump was discovered some 50 meters from its wastewater treatment plant.  The device was designed to dump untreated wastewater into a land area within its precincts as well as the drainage system of National Road No.13.


Vinamit closed the plant, pledging that it would only resume work after resolving the environmental problems.


On August 30, Binh Duong authorities agreed to let Vinamit connect its pump to the road's drainage system.The provincial environmental department verified that its treated wastewater had satisfied standards on September 10 .

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