US tourist saved by Vietnamese doctors after near fatal 100-foot fall in Sa Pa

Thanh Nien News

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A 24-year-old US tourist who fell around 30 meters from a cliff in the mountainous town Sa Pa on Sunday has been saved by top Vietnamese surgeons. 
Doctors at Lao Cai Province General Hospital said Susan Leslie was admitted unconscious, with critical injuries.
Leslie was touring the town when she fell down to a shallow pond, local media reported.
Locals brought her to a district hospital nearby for first aid and it transferred her to the provincial hospital.
Doctor Hoang Van Hieu, deputy director of the hospital, said she suffered brain damage and kidney failure. 
“Her condition was very bad and she could have died,” Hieu said. 
The hospital received assistance from the country’s leading surgeons at Viet-Duc Hospital in Hanoi, who rushed to the town from more than 370 kilometers away that night.
Leslie has been transferred to Viet-Duc for post-surgery care.

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