US envoy to take up Vietnam, Cambodia adoption

TN News

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A US envoy headed this week to Vietnam and Cambodia to look at ways to resume adoptions, which have been suspended due to concerns over child trafficking, the State Department said Monday (March 14).

Susan Jacobs, the special US advisor on children's issues, headed on Wednesday to the Southeast Asian countries for talks with officials and other stakeholders on adoption, the department said.

The United States suspended adoptions from Cambodia in 2001 and from Vietnam in 2008.

The State Department, in a statement, said it "welcomes Vietnam's strong efforts to create a child welfare system and an inter-country adoption process that will meet its obligations" under the Hague treaty on adoptions.

The United States is the world's largest source of adoptive parents. Other countries have also been moving to restart adoptions in Southeast Asia, with Cambodia drafting regulations for children to be adopted by French parents.

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