Up to 80 pct of officials say domestic violence is needed: survey

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Between 70-80 percent of officials surveyed by the Institute of Sociology told researchers that domestic violence is sometimes necessary, Tuoi Tre reported on Saturday.


More than 1,300 officials in wards and districts were polled by researchers from the institute, which is part of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration in Hanoi.

It is not clear where the respondents were located.


Vo Thi Hong Loan, who headed the survey, was quoted by Tuoi Tre as saying that 15 percent of male officials and 14 percent of females said they didn't consider verbal abuse from a husband to a wife domestic violence.


Ten and seven percent, respectively, did not believe that beating one's wife constituted domsetic violence, she added.


Loan said that up to 25 percent of males and 20 percent of females didn't consider forced marriage to be domestic violence, either.


Meanwhile, 15 and nine percent of male and female officials, respectively, said that beating one's children did not constitute domestic violence.


Many young officials didn't consider sexual violence or emotional abuse to be domestic violence, either, saying that they are personal affairs.


"Children born into violent households will probably repeat their parents' behaviors, suffer inferiority complexes, or become scared of getting married, afraid that they will repeat their parents' circumstances," she said.


Although laws against domestic violence were passed in 2007, official awareness of the issue is still limited, the research group concluded.


Some members even complained that existing efforts to fight domestic violence remain impractical, Tuoi Tre reported.


Late last year the first-ever national survey on domestic violence was announced, providing vital statistics on the matter.


According to the findings, one in every two women have been victims of domestic violence. Many experts believe that the rate is probably much higher.


"While conducting research on domestic violence, I noticed that the situation in urban areas is as critical as that of the countryside, if not more complicated," Loan said.


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