Unlicensed Chinese construction workers kicked out of Vietnam

TN News

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Authorities from Binh Phuoc Province said Thursday they expelled 204 Chinese laborers from the construction site of a wood processing plant for failing to produce work permits, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported.

According to the management board of Binh Phuoc Economic Zone, in March 2011, the Chinese-owned Fujian Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. brought 237 Chinese laborers to the construction site of the VRG Dongwha plant located within the Minh Hung III Industrial Zone in Chon Thanh District.

VRG Dongwha is a joint venture between the Vietnam Rubber Group and the Dongwha Group of South Korea.

Of the 237 laborers, 33 are managers and 204 are workers.

According to the management board, after discovering that all 237 Chinese workers did not have labor licenses, it required Fujian to complete procedures to attain licenses for the 33 managers in order to keep the project on track.

The company then did so, obtaining licenses for the 33 managers.

The 204 workers, however, were expelled from Vietnam, as their contract had expired.

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