University teacher solicits sex from student

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A university student in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak on Tuesday claimed that a teacher had admitted soliciting sex from her and threatening to fail her graduation essay if she did not accept his request.

C.T.D., 22, last weekend reported to university management board that Tran Xuan Ninh, a lecturer of Economics and Business Management Faculty of Tay Nguyen University, repeatedly sent her text messages, asking her to go out with him and go to motels for sex, since mid-June.

D. said Ninh denied sending the messages at first, but on Monday he admitted his acts and begged for her forgiveness.

"He wanted me to revoke the complaint against him."

D. recorded the conversation with Ninh and sent the tape to Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper on Tuesday.

She affirmed she would not revoke the petition despite a lot of pressure on her at the moment.

Last March, Ninh was assigned to be a mentor for D. in doing her thesis.

He acted as a good and helpful teacher until mid June, when he repeatedly called her and sent the messages, asking her to go to motels with him in exchange for high marks of her thesis.

After D. avoided him, he texted her saying he would fail her thesis if she did not agree to have sex with him.

D. said at least 40 messages are still being stored in her mobile phone, except for those she deleted.

After D. sent the complaint on Sunday, Ninh said it was his wife who sent the messages to D. because she was jealous.

"Maybe my wife thought I had an affair with D. so she texted to try her?" he said.

The Tay Nguyen University's management board has yet to deliver any punishment against him, saying investigations are still under way.

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