UK jails, plans to deport Vietnamese cannabis gardener: report

Thanh Nien News

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A Vietnamese has been jailed and now faces deportation after he was caught working for a cannabis farm in northeast of England, according to UK media. 
Police carried out the raid in August and they found Nguyen Duc, 20, hiding at a house in Sunderland, where 300 cannabis plants were growing, according to a Wednesday report by Sunderland Echo.
Nguyen lived at the property and was one of the gardeners employed to look after the farm, working night shift, he reportedly told police.
Newcastle Crown Court said the scale of the operation was large and could produce “significant quantities” of the drug.
It put Duc to jail for 12 months.
Prosecutor Mark Guiliani said, as cited in the report, that Duc has admitted growing the plants before.
“He said he had come from Vietnam, via Russia and in the past had been doing the same activity in the south of England, but had been caught and then moved to the north of England.”
Deportation proceedings have started, the report said. 

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