Two Vietnamese killed in northern landslide

TN News

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Four houses were buried and two people killed by a major landslide in Vietnam's northern mountainous region Wednesday night, local police said.


The incident happened at almost midnight when nearly 500 cubic meters of land and rock from around 10 meters high fell onto four houses in Yen Bai Province, the Tuoi Tre reported.


Nguyen Thi Lien, 40, and her 16-month-old grandson were killed while sleeping inside one of the homes.


Dao Quang Minh, one of the survivors, said he heard the loud sound of something falling around ten seconds before he ran out of his house and saw the neighbors' houses covered by earth.


Authorities said that local families have bulldozed parts of the nearby hill to build houses. Recent heavy rains might have weakened the hill further, they said.


The province government has decided to help each family of the dead victims with VND9 million each, while families who lost their houses will get VND6 million and others affected will receive VND2 million.


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