Two Vietnam war-era bombs defused in Quang Binh

TN News

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Sappers in the central province of Quang Binh have successfully defused two Vietnam War-era bombs, the Tuoi Tre newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The bombs were exposed after flood waters inundated a rural commune.

Locals found a 360-kilogram bomb in a stream near a rural village in Trong Hoa Commune after floods caused severe erosion on its banks several days ago.

The bomb was 1.15 meters long and 0.41 meter in diameter.

According to experts, the US-made bomb contained 170 kilograms of explosives and could kill a lot of people and cause a lot of damage. 

After being informed of the discovery, local sappers arrived at the scene and transported the bomb to a ground to defuse it.

During the process, they found another 225-kilogram bomb, which contained 94 kilograms of explosives, exposed in the garden of a local residence.

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