Two school stabbings occured last week

TN News

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Three students from a Ho Chi Minh City school were rushed to hospital Saturday after a fight involving knives at the school, VnExpress said Sunday.


Cao Minh Quan, 16, Le Kim Nghia, 15, and Tran Xuan Thien, a tenth grader, were treated for severe lascerations to their heads and shoulders.


Police have seized four knives, each around 40 centimeters long, and an iron bar with a sharpen end that resembles a harpoon.


Police say that a group of students including Quan and Nghia tried to attack Nguyen Manh Cuong, an eleventh grader at the school, on Friday but they were discovered by local police.


On Saturday, the group approached Cuong once more time and Thien intervened to protect Cuong.


Police said the involvement of many students made the fighting rather chaotic and resulted in numerous injuries.


Meanwhile, a student in the northern province of Thanh Hoa was attacked on the street on Thursday.


Vu Van Tuan Anh, who remained in hospital throughout Saturday night, said he was chased down and stabbed by two strangers.


The 13-year-old said he had quarrel with schoolgirl Nguyen Ngoc Anh on Monday and the latter asked the strangers to exact the revenge.


The school principle said the boy is a good student.


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