Two dog thieves arrested for shooting at chasers

By Phuong Ha, Thanh Nien News

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Lam Thai An (L) and Nguyen Thanh Dat at the police station. Photo: Phuong Ha Lam Thai An (L) and Nguyen Thanh Dat at the police station. Photo: Phuong Ha


Tien Giang police on Friday arrested two men accused of stealing a dog and injuring two chasers three days before.
Nguyen Thanh Dat, 23, and Lam Thai An, 29, are in custody for investigation into charges of robbery and deliberately injuring others, the police said.
The duo is accused of stealing a dog after shooting it dead with a home-made stun gun that fired electrical arrows at 10.30 a.m. Dec. 24 in Cai Be Dist., Tien Giang Province.
When they fled on a motorbike, the dog owner, Pham Van Qui, called his two friends Huynh Minh Trung and Nguyen Thanh Nhat and asked them to ambush them.
Later, Trung and Nhut managed to knock the thieves of their bike at a road section in Cai Be District’s Tan Hung Commune.
However, Dat fired his stun gun at Nhut, who could luckily dodge the arrow, which slightly injured his neck.
Dat then reloaded his gun and fire another shot at Trung and hit him in his stomach. The thieves then ran away.

A DIY stun gun used by thieves to hunt dogs.
After three days of investigation, Cai Be police arrested the duo who confessed to their crime.
Dat told the police he had thrown the gun to a river.
Police are investigating the case.
Dog theft remains a problem throughout Vietnam, where dog meat is still considered a delicacy.
The illegal dog trade has led to several fatal encounters between thieves and angry mobs. Many small communities have banded together to kill the thieves and burn their motorbikes.
In a press conference on Friday, Major General Tran Trong Luong from the Ministry of Public Security claimed that "it's generally hard to investigate dog theft cases." 
The ministry, however, will "mobilize its forces" against dog thieves and strictly punish them.

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