Two detained for resisting officer, threatening to murder in HCMC fatal shooting

By Dam Huy, Thanh Nien News

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Tran Anh Hung (R) and Phan Duc Dat are investigated for their role in an attack on a police patrol team on Monday night. Tran Anh Hung (R) and Phan Duc Dat are investigated for their role in an attack on a police patrol team on Monday night.


Police of Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday said they have arrested two men allegedly involved in an attack on an on-duty policeman during which the officer's gun "accidentally" discharged, killing one man and injuring another.
Tran Anh Hung and Phan Duc Dat, who was injured in the shooting, are in police custody for the investigation into the shooting at Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc Dist., on Monday night, the police said.
Hung, Dat and four other men, including Bui Van Manh, who was shot dead in the shooting, allegedly insulted and attacked Lieutenant Pham Tien Hung, who was patrolling the area around a wholesale produce market in Binh Chieu with two neighborhood watch volunteers.
The men, who were drivers and porters of vegetable trucks at the market, had drunk at a local eatery before they came across the patrol team at midnight in a small street next to the market.
When Lieut. Hung asked them to go home and rest, Dat, who was drunk, insulted the officer, who then asked the men to present their IDs.
However, they resisted and attacked the patrolling team. According to the police, Tran Anh Hung urged his gang to "beat them dead."
"[The police officer] has a gun, but he wouldn't dare to shoot," Hung reportedly said to his gang.
Lieut. Hung fired a few warning shots but failed to stop the attack. Dat tried to wrestled the pistol away from Lieut. Hung, while the other men attacked the two watchmen.
Lieut. Hung's gun went off several times during the scuffle. Two shots hit Dat in his leg, and one hit Bui Van Manh in his chest. Manh died on the spot.
Tran Anh Hung managed to grab the officer's gun and pointed it at the two watchmen's heads, attempting to shoot them. Luckily the gun had been out of ammo by then.
Hung also incited a dozen of drivers and porters in the market to join the attack on the patrolling team. The riot was only quelled after more police officers from Binh Chieu Ward and Thu Duc District arrived at the scene.
The police said Hung and Dat are being investigated on charges of resisting an on-duty police officer and threatening to murder.
Lt. Hung has injuries in his chest and back and his uniform was partly torn.
The police said they are identifying other men involved in the attack.

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