Two dead, three injured after war-era shell explodes in Binh Thuan

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Two people died and three were injured on Monday when a shell leftover from the Vietnam War exploded in the south central province of Binh Thuan.

A scrap collector, whose identity was not known, picked up the artillery shell and used a hammer to smash it for scrap metal on the roadside of National Highway 1A section through Ham Thuan Bac District at around 9 a.m.

The shell exploded, killing the collector on the spot. His body was thrown some 17 meters away and was torn beyond recognition.

Truong Thi My Linh, 30, was driving a motorbike on the highway with Le Thi Thao Ly, 29, on the back seat at the time of the explosion. Linh was killed while Ly had an arm and part of her belly injured.

A driver and his assistant on a tank truck traveling through the location also were injured after pieces of the artillery shell flew into their legs.

Some pieces also broke the window of a bus, which was traveling past the site.

The injured people are being treated at Binh Thuan General Hospital.

Local police are investigating the case.

Official figures showed that about 6.6 million hectares (16.3 million acres) of land, more than 20 percent of the country's total surface area, has been affected by unexploded ordnances (UXOs) left behind by the Vietnam War.

Experts have estimated that it would take hundreds of years and billions of dollars to clear Vietnam of leftover bombs, shells and mines.

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