Two charged with circulating fake foreign bank notes

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Hanoi police have pressed charges against two men, Nguyen Dinh Loi and Nguyen Cong Hanh, for circulating fake foreign bank notes.

On June 27, the police caught Pham Minh Thang, a Hanoi native, while he was selling two bundles of fake dollar notes worth US$20,000 to a female air ticket agent.

Thang confessed to the police some friends asked him to sell the dollar notes. One of those friends told the police Hanh hired her to sell the fake notes.

Extended investigations showed Loi and Hanh, aged 47 and 62, were members of a ring which circulates fake foreign bank notes across Hanoi.

Police seized hundreds of fake dollar and euro notes from their pockets at the time of the arrest.

The police are still searching for other members of the ring.

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