Two arrested in Hanoi for trading tiger bones

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Hanoi police have taken two men into custody for allegedly selling tiger bones, online newspaper Dan Tri reported Monday.

Nguyen Van Ai and Lam Van Nam face charges of "transporting and trading endangered wild animals" after Ai was caught last Thursday by a group of officers with a box in which they found an animal skeleton weighing around 15 kilograms.

The skeleton was later identified as a tiger's. 

Ai confessed to the police that an acquaintance offered him the skeleton several days ago but he did not want to buy.

The acquaintance then asked him to keep the skeleton and sell to someone who wanted to buy it.

Ai told Nam to find a buyer and said the price was VND25 million (US$1,200) per kilogram of bones.


Nam managed to find a buyer who agreed to the price.

On Thursday evening Ai was taking the skeleton to the house of the buyer when he was caught.

Investigations continue.

In Vietnam, tiger bones are used to make traditional medicine though their trading is illegal.

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