Two arrested for illegal drugs posession in raid on Hanoi bar

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Police have taken two people into custody for illegal possession of drugs after a massive raid on the bar at the Sheraton Hotel in Hanoi last week, VnExpress reported Monday.


According to initial findings, Khuong Van Minh, 34, went to the popular Nutz bar Friday night together with some of his friends.


There he bought eight synthetic drug tablets for VND1.5 million (US$73) from an unknown person, Minh told the police, adding that two of them had been mixed with wine.


Police arrested Minh before he got rid of six other tablets, the newswire reported.


Meanwhile, Le Thi Hong Yen, 33, was found to have five tablets, police said.


According to the police, Yen had once tested positive for drugs when she was arrested at a karaoke parlor a couple of months ago. She is suspected of providing drugs at bars, karaoke shops and discotheques across Hanoi.



150 arrested in raid on Hanoi Sheraton bar
Last Friday, Hanoi police in cooperation with anti-drug police from the Ministry of Public Security raided the underground bar where they arrested 148 people, 77 of whom later tested positive for drugs.


During the raid, police also confiscated 40 tablets and four packets of cigarettes allegedly containing cocaine.


Police said they are making a list of drug users for re-education purposes, according to the VnExpress newswire.


The case is being Investigated further.


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