Transport ministry scuttles Hanoi plan to use tuk-tuks

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The Ministry of Transport Thursday rejected a proposal by the Hanoi Transport Association to import motor rickshaws to serve as public transport.

According to the ministry, a version of the tuk-tuk known as xe lam was once used in Vietnam, and was not found suitable for urban transportation.

The government banned the vehicle several years ago.

The association had asked the ministry to allow tuk-tuks to ply on city roads (excepting highways) and pick up passengers at bus stops.

Bui Danh Lien, the association's chairman, said the vehicles are used effectively in Thailand and India to provide a low-cost mode of transport.


Hanoi eyes tuk-tuks as a way to reduce number of motorbikes

The ministry reiterated that Vietnam has no choice but to develop public transport based on buses, urban railroads, and subways for long-term sustainability.

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