Transport chief disciplined for subordinate's extreme gambling habit

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The head of the transport department in the southern province of Soc Trang has been disciplined for letting his subordinate gamble billions of dong on Chinese chess games, the provincial Party Unit announced Sunday.

According to the Party unit's inspectorate, Tran Anh Viet showed a lack of responsibility in managing his subordinates, leading to the extreme gambling habits of Nguyen Thanh Leo, who lost billions of dong in the games.

Earlier, in March, police had proposed gambling charges against Leo and Tran Van Tan, former director of the province's Center for Driving Tests and Licensing, and Dinh Van Muoi, former deputy chief of Soc Trang Town Communist Party Unit's Inspection Committee.

Police concluded that Leo owed VND17 billion (US$809,000) to Tan and VND2.5 billion ($119,000) to Muoi at the time they were busted

On December 12 last year, Leo sought police protection from Nguyen Thanh Hung and his son, Nguyen Thanh Truyen, who were hired by Tan to pass on death threats over the gambling debts.

Following Leo's tipoff, police organized a sting operation and caught Leo and Tan red-handed at a café.


6 face charges for massive chess gambling in southern Vietnam 

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Further investigations later found that Leo also gambled on chess games with Muoi at Ngo Hue Phan's house and at another café.

Police have proposed charges of "depriving other people of their property" against Tan, Hung and Truyen. Meanwhile, Phan faces charges of "running a gambling den."

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