Train severs railway guard's arm, toes

TN News

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A railway guard in Phu Yen Province lost his right arm while patrolling a train tunnel on Monday.

Mai Hoang Ky, 48, was still unable to speak properly or recall all the people who visited him on Wednesday.

Ky also lost three toes and sustained facial injuries in the collision. He was patrolling a railway tunnel when he was struck by a northbound cargo train. The shock of the impact knocked Ky cold.

Phan Van Thuyen, deputy director of Phu Khanh Railway Management Company, said that the tunnel is as much as 1.2 kilometers long.

Trains typically turn on their lights and blow their horns as they pass through the dark and winding subterranean tracks, he said.

His employer noted that Ky has been working as a railway guard at the tunnel for nearly 20 years and has never made a major mistake.

The company will cover all of the treatment fees.

Local authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident.

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